Forbes Opines That ‘Tax Avoidance just isn’t what it used to be’.

Judge Learned_Hand_urn-3_HLS.Libr_1148132a1

Judge Learned Hand – US.

Forbes explains the popular US viewpoint with which GovWatch has some sympathy as it is argued in the US that  ‘income tax violates some other provision of the Constitution’.

GovWatch also appreciates that no-one wants to hand money to a corrupt administration and that is what we are dealing with in the UK at present.

Forbes – ‘When it comes to tax avoidance, we have been guided not by the invisible hand or the guilty hand but by Judge Learned Hand, who famously wrote: “Any one may so arrange his affairs that his taxes shall be as low as possible; he is not bound to choose that pattern which will best pay the Treasury; there is not even a patriotic duty to increase one’s taxes.”’


Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr‘I like to pay taxes. With them I buy civilization.’

Forbes then goes on to say UK Blogger Richard Murphy has made a ‘cottage industry out of assailing big corporations for abusing tax systems’.

Forbes’ position would be all very well if Cameron had not been so equivocal about UK Tax Policy to start with and the ConDems had not set about ‘bashing the less fortunate’ in such a brutal fashion.  One minute Cameron and Osborne announce that the UK is ‘open for business’ to all the shysters of the universe to move their ill-gotten incomes here and the next minute when the UK resident population say that they don’t want the UK to be some kind of Banana Republic, Cameron goes on a ‘Starbucks Attack’ completely forgetting that Barclays only pays one percent.  He flaps about like a rag in the wind I’m afraid.  No wonder they can’t generate any growth.  Any thinking person would not start a business with this lot in charge.  They’re dammedable.  They’re self-satisfied.  They’re appallingly arrogant.  That is why Richard Murphy has my vote on Corporate Tax Avoidance and Tax Avoidance by the super wealthy of this island – Right or Wrong.  In days of old, they would have been wealthy and philanthropic with it. These days they are wealthy and smug and they start up Chari-Businesses to divert the money elsewhere from where it is needed most.

John Major

John Major – Con UK

John Major has had to come out to remind these oafs that it shouldn’t be ‘heating or eating’ this winter.

Oh Hello NLAT, long time no see.  What’s up?  Cameron to answer questions in Parliament about Tax Avoidance you say.  He’s been talking about it for 3 years already.  Sorry only our withdrawal of finance and bleeding this lot dry will work in my opinion.

May 27 2013 for instance – ‘David Cameron’s G8 tax evasion battle under fire over tax havens.’

Talk Talk Talk Talk etc

‘Many of Britain’s best-known high street chains are avoiding millions of pounds in tax through the controversial Eurobonds scheme.’

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