St Albans PAAA Discussed Problems Facing the ConDem Electorate This Winter At Recent Meeting

St Albans PAAA

St Albans PAAA

GMB London Region

GMB London Tweet re Gove Protest.Sopwell.

St Albans PAAA was joined recently by members of the GMB London Region  to mount a protest at Sopwell House to mark the arrival of Michael Gove for the start of ‘St Albans Autumn of Discontent.’  Mr Gove, was unaware of this clash of dates and was actually there to attend a meeting with a select group who may have been interested in the prospect of further expansion of Gove’s Free School Program whereby the tax payer finances fanciful private school experiments.  Gove’s meeting attendees were heavily disguised as members of the local Chamber of Commerce

Following this event, St Albans PAAA met 21 October 2013 to plan their next step.  The discussions revolved around

  • the Bedroom Tax ramifications,
  • the sharp increase in the price of energy,
  • the problems for commuters brought on by scandalous rail fares charged for a mediocre service by Railsters
  • and the danger to cyclists caused by that ‘pothole problem’

UK Column has reported that it was fairly cheap to fix potholes and wondered why that isn’t being done.

From these beginnings, came the resolution to organise a public debate about where all this is taking us, followed by a street march in the New Year.

Meanwhile, there’s an energy petition to be signed

117 Estcourt Road Watford

117 Estcourt Road Watford

Watford Anti-Cuts are having a

meeting about the Bedroom Tax at

Watford Spiritualist Church

117 Estcourt Road

WD17 2PY 

Wednesday 23 October 2013 8:30pm.


on Thursday 31 October2013, there will be a big demonstration and withdrawal of services at FE Colleges in and around St Albans.  Pickets will be out at 7:30am.  All teaching/non-teaching staff welcome and any others who wish to make their point on a placard to this ConDem debacle of a Government.

Lastly there’s COR’s Bonfire of Austerity 5 November 2013

Local Con MP Ann Main

  • refused to meet a local St Albans resident recently and
  • does not hold regular surgeries.  In addition she was
  • unable/unwilling to talk with St Albans Firefighters recently over their concerns about cuts to the local service.It’s time Ms Main was shown that her high-handed behaviour is unacceptable.
Harperbury Free School

Harperbury Free School – Pic St Albans Review

There is also another issue involving the proposed Harperbury Free School.  The point being that this is yet another Secondary School when primary school places are apparently needed???

It is also interesting to note that yet another dodgy land deal involving Academies/Free Schools is reported from the Hatfield Region.

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