Gove Fast-Tracked Half a Million To the New Schools Network Charity

Let’s Meet the Team at NewSchools.

‘The emails to the ‘New Schools Network’ – a charity run by a number of former Conservative Party employees who have actively supported the setting up of Free Schools – show Gove’s department fast-tracked £500,000 to the charity to allow new Free Schools to open this term.’

Michael-Clark ARK Schools

Michael Clark – ARK Schools –

Michael Clark Ark Schools

He specialises in strategy and performance improvement in Education and Healthcare???  He has worked for government departments, regulators, inspectors and non-profit organisations in England and America.  Hmmm.


Barbara Harrison – Girls’ Day School Trust.

‘As Chief Executive of the Girls’ Day School Trust, Barbara initiated a programme of development across one of the largest and most successful providers of independent education in the UK- with over 4,500 staff, raising standards of attainment, establishing high quality professional development and leadership programmes, introducing an international dimension and establishing the first independent sector led, state funded Academies.’

New Schools Network the latest in a long line of Chari-Business Ventures or ‘the Third Sector’ as some coyly call it.

NASUWT on Free Schools and Adademies

Cue – ‘Chari Chari Bung Bung we love you!’


New London-Based Family Office Holbein Partners Takes Wing

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