Ads Opposing the Gagging Legislation Popped Up In Today’s Daily Newspapers

38 Degrees campaign against gagging leg

38 Degrees Campaign Against the Gagging Leg.

In case the Lords might have missed the fact that large proportions of the population oppose this ConDem Gagging Legislation, 38 Degrees members have clubbed together to make their feelings felt in today’s newspapers.

It’s quite shocking that in a democracy when we have ‘democratically’ elected MPs and we pay them fat salaries to represent us, we then have to constantly fork out cash to over-ride their inclination not to listen to our phone calls, not to answer our emails, not to hold regular surgeries and to vote to their party line instead of to our wishes.

Ergo Richard Harrington Co MP Watford has not answered an email in weeks but happily voted for this gagging legislation as well as with David Cameron on the subject of bombing  Syria.

How did your MP vote on it?

Second Reading House of Lords Report

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