Steven Mackintosh Appealed To the ConDems in 2010 Not To Cut Early Intervention Funding

Steven Mackintosh Actor in Care 2000

Steven Mackintosh Star of ‘Care 2000’ – Pic BBC.

What did the ConDem Government do?

David Cameron in Sure Start

Sure Start – Cameron 2009 – Guardian Pic.

‘More than 400 Sure Start children‘s centres have closed during the first two years of coalition government, with over half of those still open no longer providing any onsite childcare, according to Labour.

Despite claims by the prime minister, David Cameron, before the last general election that he “backed” Sure Start, Labour says £430m was cut from English local authority Sure Start budgets between 2010-11 and 2012-13.’

Child Care Homes owned by Venture Capitalist Organisations.  

The Times in July 2 2012

ConDems privatising Social Care.  Disgusting.

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