Hunt’s Rose Coloured Spec View Of Asian Elderly Care Harks Back To 1990s

Jeremy Hunt like the rest of the Tories it seems, doesn’t live in the ‘real world’ and has failed to take account of the social changes that have overtaken the Asian countries.  India looks after the grannies?  Yes they did until all that migration.  I know an Indian ‘Granny’ who lives independently in India in a flat and travels to the US to help with grandchildren there and then to the UK to help with the grandchildren here.  Fortunately she is a very independent woman.

View from Jeremy’s Back Porch as he stands arm in arm with his mother.  the kids play happily at their feet.  Comon Jeremy, didn’t you do any sociology at yours?  Oh I forgot – it was English wasn’t it.

Ch 4

Ch 4

Mr Hunt’s view of the east is perhaps one that harks back to the early 1990s – when he spent a few rose-tinted post-university years as an English teacher in Japan.

The facts are less romantic. Asia is on track to be the world’s largest old people’s home – with more old people than anywhere else in the world.

China is facing up to the reality of its one-child policy, with demand for care homes and carers soaring as the ageing population continues to grow.

The days of the happy “social contract” between generations in China are numbered. The government knows it – which is why it’s investing in support for carers right now (on the advice of the British government).’

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