Green Party Of England and Wales Has Voted To End Fractional Reserve Banking

The Green Party of England and Wales made history by joining the US Green Party in calling for an

  • end to the private creation of money by banks at their conference (Sept 13-16). After a debate on the motion at the Autumn Conference in Brighton, the Green Party has collectively decided to instead place this power with a democratically accountable
  • National Monetary Authority at the Bank of England. This represents a huge change in Green Party policy, as we are now calling for full reserve banking, alongside other radical policies such as
  • a citizens income,
  • land value tax and of course the
  • decarbonisation of the entire economy as we move to a post carbon world.

‘The NMA will be mandated by law to manage the stock of national currency so that it is sufficient to support full employment, while avoiding general inflation in prices, and taking into account the development of local currencies (Ref.paragraph EC 678);’

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