The Clinton Body Count – What Really Happened


Earl Conlon – CointelPro

Apparently Brian Gerrish was at Liberty Tactics on 17 October 2013 and Pete Santelli was on.  Podcast here:

Earl Conlon turned out to be a sabotage agent trying to stop the peaceful Truckers Action in Washington.  There’s Audio evidence from a CIA Whistleblower about Clinton.  Hooer.  Must listen.  More treason this time in US.  ‘Level 3’ – the Server in Salt Lake City Utah is trying to block traffic.  StratFor was at Bilderberg and it wasn’t mentioned.  StratFor is dirty.  Alex Jones said they weren’t there and yet they are an Austin Texas Company.  The Benghazi Incident is not what it was painted up to be.

In Depth Benghazi

19th International AIDS Conference Convenes In Washington

Hillary Clinton

Larry Nichols – ‘I killed people for the Clintons.’

Unfortunately they lied about Chelsea Clinton’s paternity as well.

Documentary Hillary Tried to Suppress

Bring Hillary Clinton to Justice.

Over and Out.

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