ConDem Treason In UK

UK Column 18 October 2013

Treason by ConDems

Treason by ConDems

Cameron and Co are not talking about the links between the Cons and the ‘terrorist’ organisation Al Qaeda operating in Syria at the moment. They continue to support this group even though not long ago Al-Q were our enemy?????  Turning reality on its head?  Aye.

Chinese UK Nuclear Ind

Chinese UK Nuclear Ind.

(‘Winter of Discontent has been mentioned.  Planning a Power Shutdown?  Cameron tells people who can’t afford bills to ‘put on jumpers’.)  GovWatch: You have to be able to afford the shelter and the jumpers first.

Gordon Browns Brother at EDF

Gordon Brown’s Brother is at EDF.

They intend to bring in foreign firms to construct some ‘proposed nuclear reactors’ and can’t guarantee these firms will have the safety standards required for the UK environment.   In fact they don’t care that foreign entities are at the heart of the power needs of UK industries which are probably competing for business with the countries in question.  These treasonous people waste good tax payer money ‘selling off’ our assets and not buidling up any UK based enterprises what-so-ever!  Hanging is too good for them.

Visc ridley

Viscount Ridley – Telegraph.

Owen Paterson has links to GMO through his In-laws particularly Viscount Ridley.  ‘Market-based solutions to food needs and philanthropic organisations will be supported on this front.’  Hmmm Paterson and all those Tory Trussell Foodbanks and GMO.  This looks like they are developing a new economic sector to be exploited?  The Third Sector? I remember something about a Third Way once?  ‘Third’ seems to be a popular concept with these Bullingdon Bureaucrats.  Oh yes and there’s those Third Sector Employers – the ones offering ‘apprenticeships-work experience’ on ‘low-no’ wages.  (GovWatch is not knocking traditional apprenticeships where the trainee is developed and progressed carefully by a caring company with appropriate skills teaching and wage increases when skills are attained.)  There are one or two still about WBC Herefordshire for instance.

Jeremy Hunt adopt Asian Look after elderly

Jeremy Hunt tells UK to adopt the Asian ethos for looking after UK elderly.

Jeremy Hunt said we should use the Asian model and that UK families should look after their old people.

Mike Robinson says that the Chinese have just opened a new Old People’s Home taking 5000 residents.

Keep up Jeremy!

Mike Robinson says‘Want to send a Tweet to the Bank of England about the Bradbury Pound?‘ You can Tweet the Chief Economist at #AskBoE  *chuckle*

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