Waterhouse Enquiry Did Not Uncover the Full Extent Of What Happened In North Wales

16 Nov 2012

Three Sheep in Paddock

Paddy French – Investigative Journalist.

A key witness was not called to give evidence at the tribunal and some of the abuse victims were also ignored.  This present administration has also been tardy about the whole thing and has also tried to spin the worst of the stuff away.

The Johns Family was destroyed by the whole terrible affair.  Two of the Johns siblings were killed in ‘suspicious circumstances’.  Paddy French exchanged letters with Waterhouse about the key witness not being called.  Teresa May was challenged in Parliament about it.  Mrs Justice Macur is now ‘looking into it.’  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-22941356  However GoogleLaw not convinced by Macur.  ‘We all know that the VIP  Paedophiles have remained in power because they  have a network  within the judiciary and the Police  and Government  and can buy anyone by offering them high positions and protection from prosecution.’  They suspect we have another ‘gatekeeper’.  

‘Shadowy political figures were involved.’  So tired of the cover-ups.  http://thejusticegap.com/News/savile-bryn-estyn-and-the-danger-of-modern-witch-hunts/

Video made by ITV Wales


Paddy French has set up Rebecca Television a stand-alone investigative website http://paddyfrench1.wordpress.com/

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