Judge Neuberger Worried About Government’s Cuts To Funding

15 Oct 2013

‘Lord Neuberger, president of the Supreme Court, said the courts have an important function to protect the public from the “abuses” of public authorities by allowing people to seek a review of decisions.’


Thanks to NLAT for the link.

Chris Grayling-1741313

Chris Grayling

‘The Ministry of Justice (Read Chris Grayling)wants to increase the cost of bringing judicial review applications, while cutting legal aid fees and awarding contracts for legal work through competitive price tendering. It hopes to cut the legal aid bill by around £220m.’  http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/it-will-create-an-underclass-government-lawyers-warn-justice-secretary-chris-grayling-over-proposed-unconscionable-changes-to-legal-aid-8648133.html

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