IMF Move To Swipe Ten Percent Of Our Savings Reports UK Column

BBC Fakes News

BBC Fakes the News.

UK Column 15 October 2013

Brilliant Broadcast today.

    • IMF SuperTax –
    • ConDems want to put foreign police on UK Streets
    • Lots of foreigners advising Cameron on ‘what to do’?  Osborne asking China for help.
    • ‘Corporation Tax Avoidance’ at all time high.  ‘Boots’ was spoken of – making a fortune from NHS.
    • Queen to get a payrise.

      BBC in Syria

      BBC ‘Change Agents’ in Syria

    • Fracking companies can be done for trespass in UK.
    • BBC Faking News and loads of ‘suspicious behaviour’ such as overpayment to staff etc.
    • BBC Media Action has been working in ‘trouble spots’ for years.
    • Craig Murray talks of BBC Fake Syria Video –
    • Panorama pushed their story of Syria to time with the Syria vote date.  They were there on the ground but took 3 days to air their news.  ‘Hand in Hand Syria Website’ reports the actual event.
    • Francis Maude’s Global Race – What global race?
    • BBC ‘Change Agents’ in foreign states.
    • Osborne’s mate nets huge profit from Royal Mail sell-off.  There’s a surprise.

Robert Green

A Shout Out for anyone able to travel to Edinburgh to support Robert Green this Friday and to see that Justice is done.  Details below


The next Angiolini hearing is due to take place at 10.00hrs at the Court of Session, Parliament Square, Edinburgh on Friday, the 18th October.

What is all this Angiolini business about?   She’s a ‘Gatekeeper’ for tptb.

Robert Green Part 1

Robert Green Part 3 –

Robert Green Part 4

Robert Greem Part 5

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