Government Contracts With Private Providers Being Examined More Widely.

serco spiderSerco and


two of its largest providers are facing a possible Serious Fraud Office investigation for alleged overcharging on a tagging contract, while the National Audit Office is studying government’s largest contractual relationships.

Mem Select Comm saying G4S failed to demonstrate duty of care towards potential staff

G4S failed to demonstrate duty of care towards potential staff for Olympics.

BTW Serco looks to unload Cornwall Out-of-Hours contract.

Now Britain’s competition watchdog on Tuesday said it will examine government contracts with the IT suppliers to Britain’s public sector ie with HP, Capita, CapGemini, Fujitsu and BT. 

Meet the Competition Regulation Team –

The Speakers at ‘Competition Summer Conference’ 2013


Lord David Curriewww.instituteforgov

The Office of Fair Trading had already raised concerns that some firms had a large share of contracts.

Meanwhile, Justice4Jobseekers posted that ‘a Poverty Pimp Party is taking place on twitter this week as the ‘Week of Work Experience ‘celebrates’ the world of unpaid work and workfare.

GovSpeak for those hiring apprentices and providing ‘work experience’ – ‘Third Sector Employers’

‘Apprenticeships and funding can be accessed through the Youth Contract, the £1 billion Government initiative to provide at least 410,000 unemployed 18 to 24 year olds with work placements from April 2012.’


Jane Slowey


Keith Mogford

Fair Train Org

The organisers of this workfare jamboree are @FairTrainOrg, who have been handed a chunk of tax payer’s cash to come up with a Work Experience Quality Standard scheme.  Appallingly even the TUC have been dragged in to support this crude Government attempt to use unpaid workers to drive down wages and working conditions for everyone.’

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