Maggie Thatcher Couldn’t Get Rid Of the NHS and Cameron Can’t Do It Either

Three Sheep in Paddock

Candy Udwin with the Good News about winning at the NHS.

FourmanFilms and KONP were at a recent demonstration – Save our NHS Save Our Services Cancel the PFI Debt Royal London Hospital 08/10/13.  Didn’t see it in the news?  Well there’s a surprise as there have been a lot of successes against the NHS ‘privateers’ lately and Hunt is not looking so good.  Harmoni was sacked in Hackney and the Whittington Hospital saw off Government plans for reorganisation and a sell-off.  Oh Dear ….

The main speaker was Candy Udwin, Chair of KONP Camden.  She talked about a number of victories that had been won against ‘privateers’ lately which have gone unreported by those ‘Pressitutes’ in the MSM.


Professor Wendy Savage.

Who is the driving force behind KONP?  Professor Wendy Savage provides inspiration and the drive for funding for the establishment of an effective counter voice standing firm against this government. Dr Savage read medicine at Girton College, Cambridge 

Watch KONP in action at link below.–sZP4t1isgr4dUSBzQ

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