St Albans PAAA Shout Out For a ‘Gathering’ Outside Sopwell House Hotel 12:00 On 11 October 2013

A Networking Lunch is being hosted at Sopwell House this Friday and the guest list is rather interesting.  Someone from Conservative Central is speaking.

Contact St Albans PAAA for further details.

St Albans People’s Assembly and Hertfordshire National Union of Teachers (NUT) have called a protest to let ConDem Gov know what local people think of the government’s appalling attacks on education and the teaching profession. 

Sopwell houseDemonstrate: 12:00 midday onwards
Sopwell House Hotel
Cottonmill Lane
St Albans
AL1 2HQ.  
Please bring placards, flags, whistles, friends etc.

GovWatch:  Why not come along.   At least you will be demonstrating in decent surroundings and you can get a lovely cream tea afterwards. 

Hertfordians often take cream teas after their demos.  That ‘Autumn Roadshow’ is underway it seems.  Just as one is thinking one is getting away from the PROLES…… There they are with their placards… Oh bother….

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