Geldof – ‘The End of the World Is Nigh’ – Well For You It Is Bud

Geldof Climate Change

Geldof – Pic courtesy DM.

Thanks to Chris Spivey for calling out Geldof, Branson and Bonehead.   Geldof et al have been rolled out recently to ‘beef up’ the ‘Climate Change’ Mongering Agenda that has taken a bit of battering over the years.  For instance, since the statistics don’t support ‘Global Warming’ anymore, the ptb started using ‘Climate Change’ to’protect the record’ so to speak.

The General Sheeplic are supposed to think ‘Cripes, we better stop eating all that grass and f****** so much Methane or we are all goners!’  In reality, it’s more likely that a pole shift is occurring and that the Earth might stop rotating for 3 days and 3 nights sometime soon.  Or maybe not.  None of this is MAN MADE.  The Earth obeys the laws of the Universe not those of man.  Pay a visit to Linda Sky for more.

The usual ‘colourful’ stuff from Mr Spivey here

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