Watford B Council’s £11 Million Compensation Fund and That Re-Development Plan

  • ‘More than £11 million is available for purchases and compensation to land-owners and businesses affected in the area between Vicarage Road and Dalton Way.’
  • ‘Labour leader, Nigel Bell, queried the lack of a health element in the Re-Development Plan. ‘
  • The Re-Development Plan involves building ‘600 new homes as well as business premises in West Watford.’
Harwoods Road West Watford

Harwoods Road West Watford – relatively clear at the mo’ but try it 6:30pm and see how you get on.

Re-Development Plan West Watford

Watford Observer’s July article by Mike Wright pointed out that there is now an £11 Mill Compensation Fund available for some of those in West Watford affected by proposed re-development proposals which are associated with the plan to upgrade Watford General Hospital but that the whole enterprise is still surrounded by too much secrecy.  For instance Labour leader, Nigel Bell, queried the lack of a health element in the Re-Development Plan.  Mayor Dorothy Thornhill has said that the reason for this is that West Herts NHS Trust has gained a new CEO and that she is now ‘looking again’ at the Clinical Needs of the Trust.  Only when the Clinical Needs are fully known can the Re-Development Plan be fully understood.  This is not a satisfactory situation for Watford Residents and particularly for those on Farm Terrace Allotments as initially they were not part of the Re-Development Plan.

West Watford Map - Courtesy StreetMap.

West Watford Map – Courtesy StreetMap.

A further concern for all Watfordians is the already heavy congestion on roads such as Dalton Way where traffic queues sometimes bank back onto the round-about servicing Tescos and the Colne Valley Retail ParkFurther concerns about congestion are based on the nature of West Watford streets which are tight, narrow and heavily populated as most housing is terraced with no front garden.  This does not bode well for the future when one considers the amount of traffic already experienced in this area on a regular basis because of the proximity of Watford Football Club.  One extreme example of the congestion experience is Harwoods Road which is partly 2 way and partly one way.  Chelsea Tractors vie with BMWs and Fiat Pandas for passing privileges and quite a few of these are driven by residents seeking that elusive parking space.

Imagine another 600 households parachuted into this area.  Each household would most probably have one car or maybe two.  These cars would be ‘on the move’ getting residents out of Watford to far-flung jobs in other locations and back again while also getting young children to and from schools – probably also far-flung as the local schools are over-subscribed and some would commute to private ones.

Not to worry WBC has negotiated a Link Road to the Dalton Way Gyratory

‘a new road (the Cardiff Road Link) off Wiggenhall Road. It was also proposed to build a new road from Wiggenhall Road to the Dalton Way Gyratory known as the Wiggenhall Road Link. This would have been a fully functioning addition to the local road network because all movements at the junction with Wiggenhall Road would have been permitted.’  www.hertsdirect.org/mm/md/…/DCCAgenda_Item2-Watford_HC.doc

Erm wasn’t that the Dalton Way Gyratory where the traffic already banks up????

Reading on …..

Under a CPO, various areas will be acquired by WBC  – Erm What was that again?

‘Among the parties Watford Borough Council is buying land off is the West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS, which officials said necessary to ensure the title of the land is free of restrictions.’

GovWatch was not surprised to then read that

‘The details of the compensation negotiations were hidden from the public and discussed at a private part of the cabinet meeting.’ all ‘par for the course’ in Watford LibDem Land.  The Punters down at The Grove won’t be hassled by traffic jams but those in West Watford are afforded no such peaceful surroundings.  What’s your handicap Dorothy?

http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/10535247.Watford_Health_Campus_Council_approves_multi_million pound_land_buy_scheme/

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