Gideon’s Economic Recovery Miracle – General Public Are Not Buying it

He Ho NLAT, fine morning.  Did you see that night sky?   What?  Retail figs down again?  Oh that’s sad.  The Sheeplic are changing their spending habits and challenging ‘Mission Control’?  Hmmmm Interesting.  GovWatch WANTS LOCAL SHOPS WHICH PROVIDE QUALITY AND SERVICE – NOT MEGA-GLOBAL JUGGERNAUTS.

Comment: No Holiday shop in my house this year. Any gifting to family and friends will be in cash. I’d rather put it directly into personal pockets than bloat corporate coffers any more than they already are overflowing.


Visit Martyn’s of Muswell Hill for quality and service –

I refuse to buy clothes and other goods that are not really fit for purpose -remember when a clothing article lasted a year? Now, it is well if it lasts half a dozen washings before it’s only fit for the bin…. and clothes are multiple times more expensive than in those days. Same with other goods, everything plastic, made on the cheap and sold at the highest price the market will bear.

Someone should tell corporate heads that the scam is well over.’  Make some of the things yourself – try Burda patterns or shop in second hand clothes shops.

Comment:  ‘Avoid supermarkets like the plague and only buy from them as a last resort. I’m now eating healthier and cheaper than I ever.’

Try Hotel Chocolate for that treat.

Comment:  ‘I now have an allotment and make more meals from first principles using allotment veg where possible.  I also refuse to buy shoddy clothes and have started sewing again.  We patronise local shops that provide quality and service eg Our local cafe bakes his own fantastic rolls which we buy.’

Comment:  ‘LOL

There is nothing unexpected about this. Inflation is at 3%, wage inflation at 1%, retail sales are not going to keep on growing, and will decline, under those circumstances.

Osborne has done nothing but make an economy for the rich and left everyone else in an untenable austerity.’

Give Watford FreeCycle a go

Apply for an Allotment


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