Clegg Blair Cameron Harriet Harman Milliband – Faces Of Privilege

Faces of Privilege

Faces of privilege – UK Column.

Cameron and that Red Dispatch Box – DM now looking into it.

Oliver Letwin got rid of government papers into a park bin.  So nothing new really.

Rich are saying that we must accept a lower standard of living while they still have all the things money can buy.  Hardly fair.

Richard Lambert X CBI is now appointed by the banks as a regulator.  Originally Fettes College ergo Bliar.  Studied History but is now in Banking Regulation????

Navy Yard Swat Team

Navy Yard Swat Team Story.

Navy Yard Swat Team – police asked why they were told not to intervene.

Oil Thieves In Nigeria

Cherie Blair to Defend Oil Giant–cherie-blair-set-to-make-a-mint-defending-oil-giant-8827823.html

But Tony Blair very active there as well.  Conflict of interest?  Mixture of Blair Foundation CFR and EXXon Oil???

Roger Helmer UKIP

Roger Helmer UKIP – Frack Off Roger.

Roger Helmer UKIP calls Anti Frackers ‘Eco Freaks’.

Common Purpose Roger?

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