Osborne Denies Using WMDs In New Epic – ‘The Wizardry of OZborne’ At Cinemas Near You

Man behind the curtain.

The Man Behind the Curtainhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWyCCJ6B2WE

Heh NLAT, cinema tickets?  Erm what’s showing?  The ‘Wizardry of OZborne’ you say.  How much?  Er bit expensive aren’t they.  Dorothy’s in it?  You mean Richard Harrington’s ‘squeeze’?  No sweat?  Plot?  Housing Bubble.  Oh THAT figures.

Later ……….

GovWatch:  Red cinema seat.  Bag of Popcorn.  Heavy concentration.  Thinks ……….. ”It’s going to end when we find out that the WIZARD is just a ‘man behind the curtain.’  Haven’t we seen this somewhere before?  Em Blair’s WMDs?  Hollywood?”

  • There is NO Housing Bubble.  There is NO Housing Bubble.  There is NO Housing Bubble.  Now we have said it three times then the Magic will work?  OK close your eyes and ‘tap your heels together 3 times’Bingo – Dorothy’s Back in that 4 Bed Exec Home on Farm Tce Allotments with dog, gin and tonic surrounded by a gigantic gated fence to keep out the proles who used to grow vegetables there when it was ‘Common Land’.

http://www.wendyswizardofoz.com/script14.htmThe Wizardry of OZborne!  Starring Watford’s very own Dorothy Red Shoes Thornhill.  Dorothy denies latest Richard rumours.  ‘No Richard and I are just good friends’ she said from the blue carpet recently.

‘Will you be joining Richard at this year’s Conservative Party Conference?’  Asks our intrepid reporter.  ‘No Comment’ trills Dorothy as she is swept along the plush carpet by Russel Brand, discretely displaying an ‘Obey’ sign on his key chain.

http://www.theguardian.com/money/2013/sep/18/no-housing-bubble-says-george-osborne  Housing Bubble?  What housing bubble?

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