Professor James McCanney Astro Physicist – Garbage Science and False Flags

McCanney x2

Professor McCanney
NICOLA TESLA’S TOWER circa 1900 in the background.

What’s up SkyWatch?

Professor McCanney talks about using a pair of binocs to watch the sky in the latter part of September 2013Comet Ison will interact with Mars about October 1.  Ison will only be 7000 miles from Mars at that time.

There will then be a ‘brightening’ at this time but he says Ison is NOT a major comet.  NASA and tptb trying to ‘spin’ this event into a shutdown of the power grid November 14 2013.

Peter Brabeck DAVOS 25 Jan 3013.

Peter Brabeck DAVOS 25 Jan 3013.

Prof McCanney also talks about ‘Who owns the water’ in the world.  Funny this was mentioned at a meeting on 16 Sept 2013 here in London.  Peter Brabeck and  Nestlé  SA were mentioned.

Having trouble with that Independent link?  Try using DuckDuckGo Search Engine and type ‘Mr Nestle Gets Angry’

‘The movers and shakers in Davos wanted to hear what Mr Cameron and his chancellor – speaking later today – plan to do to add life to Britain’s feeble economic recovery.’  Erm Plan B George?

Moving on – So Cameron’s G8 priorities included GlobalTax Com  That ole EU Magic has me in its spell.  Cameo further serenaded the others with a Love Mix CD.

Thanks to for highlighting Prof McCanney.

BBC announces the chipping of ‘stray dogs’ by 2016.  Aroooo!  That’s no way to talk about free thinkers……

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