High Court Victory For the ‘Frack Off’ Fraternity At High Court Today

‘The Balcombe protesters were challenging an eviction notice from the local council, and gained a partial victory as the court ruled that the notice from the council was flawed, and adjourned proceedings.’   http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2013/sep/16/fracking-protesters-balcombe-court

A meeting at the Connaught Rooms yesterday highlighted the fact that the ‘Frack Off’ Campaign at Balcombe had reached the High Court today.  There was a strong temptation to wander on down there and take a look but fortunately The Guardian gave us ‘the good news’.

Looks like the protesters will not be evicted after all.  In fact they have some good stuff lined up for the Autumn.  Apparently, they have a choir which performs sometimes and I believe they are going to do an ‘event’ in London.  It’s called ‘Belt It Out’ and will take place on 20 October 2013.  Watch this space.

There is also an excellent new Documentary about the danger of Fracking to UK water, landscape and environment which is being released this week.

Meanwhile the ptb will be attending a secretive event called ‘The Shale Gas Conference’ somewhere in London 26 September 2013 and tickets are going fast if any MSM journo is interested, further details from http://www.unconventionalgasconference.com/

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