Trainee Lawyer Opens Up a Bit Too Much About Law Firms In the ‘Magic Circle’

What is this Magic Circle of which you speak GovWatch?  Well, they paint a pretty picture down at TenPercentUK, but I’ve heard ‘on the grapevine’ that in Scotland it’s code for ‘rip the money from ’em as fast as you can and invest in housing ventures in tax havens’ but I could be mistaken.

Trainee Lawyer 'Letting it all hang out'.

Trainee Lawyer ‘Letting it all hang out’.

A trainee with City law firm Clifford Chance faces the sack after a video has emerged of him drunk and describing his work as “f***ing people over for money”.’

‘The unnamed man was interviewed by Oxford student newspaper Cherwell for its Shark Tales online TV programme. The video – published on Cherwell’s website on 10 May but reported for the first time on legal blogs on Friday – shows student journalist Toby Mather in the early hours of the morning “taking to the streets once again in search of drunken wisdom”.’

Oh boy, this is the trouble with this new Citizen Journalism.  Gone are the days, it seems, of ‘cosy relationships’ with journalists cemented in Fleet Street drinking taverns.  The power elite are still catching up.  Citizens are fed up with not getting the truth from the MSM and are also getting a tad fed up with the non-investigation of child abductions and murders, police not being helpful when citizens are harassed etc.  So surprise, surprise, they are doing the work themselves.  For instance, there is now an organisation set up by an Ex policeman which arranges help for those being faced with threatening situations.  UK Column has details.

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