Grant Shapps Mangles His Facts Regarding UN Special Rapporteur Raquel Rolnik

  • ‘Shapps mistakenly called Ms Rolnik’s “statement” a “report”.
  • Shapps said Ms Rolnik’s visit was not something that was confirmed by the government but Guardian points out that ‘A UN special rapporteur cannot carry out a mission (ie a formal visit) to a state without being invited.’
  • Shapps said ‘It is completely wrong and an abuse of the process for somebody to come over and fail to meet with government ministers’ but Ms Rolnik stated that more than half of her time on the visit was spent “with officials, with government”.
  • Shapps said Ms Rolnik should not have talked with the Scottish Daily Record newspaper.  Why not?

More tea NLAT?  Another Kugelhopf Breakfast Roll?  Ah thank you.  Don’t mind if I do.

You say Shapps is still Tory Party Chairman.  Oh well, Tories don’t often let facts get in the way…..

‘Last week the Daily Record handed Ms Rolnik a dossier of all our bedroom tax investigations and reports which have chronicled just how much misery the tax is causing.  But Shapps today sparked fury by saying she should not have spoken to Scotland’s best-read paper.’

Guardian Comments Section‘Shapps joins an illustrious band from this government who cannot resist trying to rework stats to tell porkies: Cameron, IDS, & Jeremy Hunt.

Sheila Gilmore Labour

Sheila Gilmore – Labour –

‘Now, Grant Shapps has joined his fellow Conservatives in the data hall of shame. In March, the Tory chairman claimed that “nearly a million people” (878,300) on incapacity benefit had dropped their claims, rather than face a new medical assessment for its successor, the employment and support allowance. The figures, he said, “demonstrate how the welfare system was broken under Labour and why our reforms are so important”. The claim was faithfully reported by the Sunday Telegraph but as the UK Statistics Authority has now confirmed in its response to Labour MP Sheila Gilmore (see below), it was entirely fabricated.’


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1 Response to Grant Shapps Mangles His Facts Regarding UN Special Rapporteur Raquel Rolnik

  1. Mark Smith says:

    Take a look at his Wikipedia. “Alternative identity practice” removed.

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