Nick Clegg Blocked John Hemming’s Private Members Bill To Protect Abusers

This is the opening up of the information about Cyril Smith in the Liberal Democrats Party and the fact he was a know pervert before he became an MP.  – John Hemming MP said the Smith conduct raises wider questions about accountability of the powerful.

UK Column 13 September 2013  –

Ch 4 Dispatches Program 12 September 2013

Pete Townsend said he wanted to expose the child trafficking from Russia to UK back in 2003Blair et al skated away behind the publicity of Townsend’s dilemma.  Where was Mandelson 2000 to 2003?  Trying to be Blair’s Right Arm GovWatch – don’t you remember?  Oh …. ‘On 22 November 2004, Mandelson became Britain’s European Commissioner, taking the trade portfolio.’  Trade in what exactly?  Stoppit GovWatch!

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