George Galloway Fires A Verbal Missile Across The Bow Of BBC’s Jo Coburn On Daily Politics Show

12 September 2013 Last updated at 13:31 BST

George Galloway criticised the BBC for being a “war-time propaganda mouthpiece” and predicted: “You are going to lose your licence fee over this.”

Gov ‘Intelligence’ Officer Pauline Neville-Jones was outclassed by Mr Galloway.  True Cameron, Willie Hague, Obama et al have all been outclassed by the Russians.  Goes to show what Meritocracy is all about.

Vladimir Putin sets out his case in the New York Times

George talked about the BioWeapons in Israel, the fact that the US holds them and that Churchill used them against Kurdish tribes in 1921.  Great stuff.

He has a point.  You’d think after the Savile debacle and the row about humongous severance pay deals at BBC, that they’d think ‘Hmmm maybe the licence fee payers are getting a tad fed up of paying for all this.’

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