Cameron Sang At An Austerity Concert Recently But Birmingham Found It Boring

Cameron Birmingham

Cameron sings his ‘Austerity’ Aria.  Cripes he missed that note – Pass the earplugs please.

Sir Albert Bore, Birmingham City Council Leader,  claimed central government ‘was pulling the wool over people’s eyes’, and said spending power had actually fallen by 13 per cent over the past three years – compared to the national average of 9.3 per cent.

The council leader has called on the National Audit Office to investigate how local authorities were funded by government.’

‘Communities minister Eric Pickles is dramatically reducing central government grants to councils around the country. Birmingham, perceived as expensive and profligate, is being singled out for special treatment. While proposed cuts nationwide to local authorities average £74 per person, in Birmingham the figure is £149.’

Thanks to NLAT for the link.

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