Parliament TV 3 September – Who’s That Defending the Gagging Bill? Lord It Was Lansley Again!

Cameron Gagging BillMorning Papers; cups of tea at Top Paddock; NLAT sails close to the wind with this cartoon.

Polly Toynbee – Naked attempt to muzzle critics for 2015 election –  With Lansley on the job ‘naked’ isn’t likely.  He tends to be as easy to follow as looking at one of those puzzle pictures on the ceiling at the dentists.

UPDATE:  Criticism of Laclustre Lansley’s Lobbying Legislation –  David Davis wasn’t supporting it for starters.  Shades of those 600 odd pages of NHS nonsense.

‘General Sheeplic’ not impressed with Lansley.

Skinner Lansley

Mr Skinner rises to his feet and Lansley has seen him but gives way to his left.

S1.  ‘What was Lansley’s problem with Dennis Skinner today? Lansley ignored Dennis repeatedly trying to intervene whilst allowing everyone else in and despite protestations from others about him ignoring Dennis. I thought Lansley behaved terribly today and he should afford a little more respect to his elders.

We remember Skinner’s hints on the Health Bill that materialised into absolutely no concessions at all so why would we believe him on this.’

Angela Eagle Horrid and Partisan Lobbying Bill.

Angela EagleHorrid and Partisan Lobbying Bill being rushed through in unseemly haste.’  ‘A Sop to powerful vested interests.  Let’s Lynton Crosby.…’

S2.  Cos Dennis is usually right.

The reason Lansley ignored Dennis Denis would get the better of him.  However quite a few ‘had a go’ including Caroline Lucas.

The ‘Let Lynton Lobby Bill’ HMMM published 2 days before the House rose for summer break.  Why are they now in such a rush?  Doesn’t cover ‘Cash for Honours’ –

Comes out of a high level meeting between the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.  Hmmm.

Owen Jones and Guido Fawkes agree that this Lobbying Bill is hugely flawed.  Dogs Breakfast of a Bill.

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