France Puts the Brakes On Military Intervention In Syria

Patrick Henningsen at UK Column 2 September 2013 says that they had been planning the Syria action in advance assuming a YES vote in UK Parliament.

Multi-Tasker Boris Johnson - when not announcing that 'This is the Big One' at train stations, he's writing for the Telegraph.

Multi-Tasker Boris Johnson – when not announcing that ‘This is the Big One’ at train stations, he’s writing for the Telegraph.

Henningsen also says the ‘selling chemicals to Syria story’ might be a media ‘plant’ to swing around to the idea that Syria indeed intended to manufacture nerve gas.  But they are not necessarily doing this.  Nothing happens by accident.  Problem Reaction Solution.

Boris Johnson – Just keep voting till we get the right answer.  Ho Hum.  Boris Uk AND US don’t have the money!  Henningsen – ‘Who trusts a man who looks like he just rolled out of bed’.

Bring out ‘Plan B‘ then.

CNN interview with Brzezinski where he says ‘I hope the US acts now …. We have to create a situation ….’  GovWatch:   **** *** Brzezinski.

Brzezinski Poland

Brzezinski  – He’s seriously creepy.

al Qaeda is just a group of hired guns now who will go anywhere anytime for the money.  They are amoral.  Why is UK supporting them in Syria?

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