Stop the War Coalition Call For Picket At US Embassy Tuesday 3 September 2013

STWC are calling a picket of the US Embassy Grosvenor Square on Tuesday 3 September at 5.30pm to keep up the pressure.

It is hoped that the US Left will take up the baton and call the War Mongers over there to account.

After all Obomber is not sure and John Kerry is decidedly disappointing.  Billary Clinton well she went for a recent brain tune up I believe.  Zionist puppetmasters extremely busy just now.

STWC points out that Obama is not worthy of his ‘Peace Prize’

AND just in – As Gove would say ‘You are a disgrace!’

Two Thirds of the French are against intervention in Syria but are saddled with a pro-intervention administration.

George Galloway

Comment: ‘Ol’ George can be a pain in the tits at times but he tells some inconvenient truths all the same. A voice when the lambs were lined up for slaughter.’

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