FibDems Fibbing Again – Danny Alexander’s Hypocracy

As Nick Clegg followed Commander Cameron over the barricades into the no-man’s land of the Syria ‘Yes’ vote, rear gunner Danny Alexander somehow got the ammunitions mixed up and it seems his own troops are now under fire.  Oh my goodness.  NLAT is down at The Lamb with ‘The Flock’ looking into some ‘FibDem CashForHonours’ shinnanigans where he has pointed out that Danny Alexander failed to declare a donation of £10,000 for 4 months.

The story so far:


James Palumbo, Nick Clegg and D Alexander Montage. Great work at The Mirror for this pic.

Lib Dem Cabinet minister Danny Alexander has been branded a hypocrite for taking a £10,000 donation from a wealthy backer who was handed a peerage.  Nightclub king James Palumbo’s Ministry of Sound empire gave the large sum to the Treasury axeman’s local party in the Scottish Highlands.  The gift was declared to Parliament’s authorities on July 30, the latest register of MPs’ interests reveals.  Palumbo erm Jimmi Savile with glasses?

The London club boss was made a Liberal Democrat peer just two days later.

The cash had been handed over in March but Mr Alexander failed to declare it for four months, despite a Commons rule that it should have been done in four weeks.  Details of the gift re-ignited the row over the list of working peers, which was packed with rich tycoons who have bankrolled political parties.’

So ConDems are legislating to ensure that groups such as 38 Degrees can’t spend on billboards because they are not an ‘official party’ but it’s quite all right for rich ******** to buy all the influence they want!  Lobby your MP over this new ‘Gagging Law’.

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