Stop the War Coalition Demo 31 August 2013 at Temple 12:00

SWC Demo Syria

SWC Demo Downing Street.

There is a demonstration today by all those who have written to MPs, blogged, made phone calls, badgered their friends, about the plans to lob Cruise Missiles at the Syrian people.  If the ptb really wanted to ‘get’ the Chem Weapons operators, as we all said last night, they would use a small elite group who would raid the Chemical Kitchens and deal with those operating them.  However, they are probably frightened about just which folks they might find in the ‘kitchens’.

John Kerry is now the ‘attack dog’ since Cameron resoundly failed with his war dance in the House of Commons and Milliband was unconvincing in his performance as the representative of those of us who find this ‘regime change’ agenda in Syria shameful.  The pattern is the same.  It looks like the same folks helping quietly in Libya who were going to ‘fix it’ in Syria.

As has been said, Western ‘humanitarian’ credentials are a sham as they have made no noise about helping 650,000 Syrian refugees in Lebanon, a poor country doing its best to be ‘humanitarian’ by providing shelter NOT missiles or closed borders.

Israel feigning pacifism in HAARETZ hurrumph!


31 August 2013 London

Meet at Temple Station, Embankment at 10:30am for Steward details and briefing.  Demo will commence at 12:00.  Be hugely ‘Creative’ and stay safe.

Gove Balloons full of hot air anyone?

‘You are a disgrace’ catchphrase?

(However, A senior female demonstrator who was wearing a pair of very decent slacks and a large pair of aubergine framed sunglasses was not happy with it as it ‘didn’t scan’ and was ‘too long’.  Back to drawing board then).


STWC Syria Demo- The 5,000.

Update:  Evening Standard photographer to be congratulated for the set of photos captured and produced so quickly after today’s event.

Speakers: Tony Benn, Jeremy Corbyn, Lindsey German, but then came Craig Murray and Martin Powell.  What a treat!

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