St Albans People’s Assembly Inaugural Meeting 11 September 2013 7:30pm

Owen Jones meeting

Owen Jones Meeting.

St Albans is holding its inaugural People’s Assembly on 11 September at Fleetville Community Centre AL1 4QL.  Owen Jones is the guest speaker for this event.

It is envisaged that the meeting will initially run from 7 to 9pm and it is hoped that a variety of local concerns will be taken ‘on board’ as well as presentations from guest speakers.

One of the current concerns is the closing of the Pioneer Youth Club because of a re-development at the place where the youngsters were meeting.  In this time of Austerity, one would think that such facilities would be protected at least!

Pioneer Youth

Get Outa Our Town say the developers?  Whose Town?

Herts County Council are selling/have sold the former St Albans Fire Station Site for development!!!  Freed up by privatisation no doubt.

There are 22 seats left on the coach which is booked for the planned action at Tory Party Conference 29 September 2013.  The coach will leave St Peter Street at 8am and travel to Manchester.  The coach will leave Manchester at 4pm for the return journey.

It’s Our Town isn’t it?

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