Watford MP Richard Harrington Voted With Cameron To Join A Looming Military Strike On Syria

Richard Harrington Sun Mark

Harrington sings the ‘blues’.

However Reuters reports that Cameron lost the vote.  Unfortunately Ken Clarke couldn’t vote due to ‘family matters’?  He is a member of the UK Security Council ffs.  http://uk.reuters.com/article/2013/08/29/uk-syria-crisis-britain-vote-idUKBRE97S18620130829

Con MP Watford Richard Harrington sadly MISSING from the list of MPs who seem to have voted with their consciences.

‘Sings The Blues GovWatch?  He sure does!’



Let’s send him to Damascus on a Special Mission.

News just inMichael Gove had ‘a hissing fit’ according to Newsnight.  Was it all the ‘hot air’ finally escaping?  Did he zoom around the Commons like a deflating balloon?  Hell I wish I had been there!

And what about those at Top Paddock?  A slightly sober celebratory atmosphere prevails as they stare at The Telegraph article this morning.  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/syria/10273841/David-Cameron-failed-the-test-of-trust-and-paid-the-price.html

S1:  ‘I actually can’t disagree with any of this article. I’m worried. Does this mean I’m turning into a Tory????’

S2 (Ronnie Ram):  ‘I’ll be uneasy about it if the UN says Assad did it and nothing happens then, at that point pacifism would be as good as condoning it and nimbyism.’

S3:  ‘Yes Ronnie but we all know they won’t’

S4:  ‘While people here require food banks we can’t afford to go to war!’

S5:   ‘Cameron made me laugh when he said “we have to do what’s right”, as if he has ever had a conscience.’  Hmmm Lady Di died because of her stance regarding those odious landmines.

‘The red lights flashing are all over the control panels.’  http://labourlist.org/2013/04/grant-shapps-is-becoming-the-comical-ali-of-the-conservative-party/

Next item on Agenda, to prosecute Blair in The Hague for war crimes.

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