BFI Are Funding ‘Posh’ a Film About The Bullingdon Club Due Out 2014


West End Play ‘Posh’ – Pic Courtesy Guardian.

‘The drama, Posh, is based on the West End play of the same name. Due out next year and starring Max (son of Jeremy) Irons, Game of Thrones’ Natalie Dormer and Douglas Booth, it focuses on a group of decadent Oxford University students called The Riot Club that causes chaos at a pub during a swanky dinner. The upper class yobs sneak in a prostitute, wreck the building and even assault the landlord.’

Comment:  ‘Put simply, the Bullingdon Club is a bunch of privileged yobs who even in their youth, had the mindset that they were born to rule. A couple of years ago, David Cameron blamed the gang culture for the riots that spread across deprived areas of the country but what is the Bullingdon Club if it’s not a gang?’

Comment:  ‘The play was extremely funny, and it’ll make a successful film – I’m sure that was the reason the decision to grant funding was made.’  BBs lack sense of humour?

Comment:  ‘I’ve invited the Bullingdon Club up to Liverpool to attempt to try some of their hilarious antics in the watering holes around Scotland Road, L5. I’m sure the locals from the surrounding estates would be perfectly accommodating…’

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