The Quill and Dagger Group Call Themselves ‘Soulmates’

Madonna Quill and Dagger May 2013

Madonna ‘Quill and Dagger’ May 2013 with  Andre Balazs left and  Riccardo Tisci right.

May 2013 – ‘Showing off her shocking nature, Madonna turned heads as she wore a fishnet body stocking to the event.

The 54-year-old arrived at the party wrapped up in a very stylish black Mac with leather collar and sleeves.’

The Quill and Dagger Gallery

7 June 2013 – Russell Brand is now happily in a liaison with Andre Balazs’ daughter.  Small world when you’re in with tptb.

Russell Brand showing he is ‘in control of Katy Perry’  Words and symbols that are ‘triggers’ such as ‘obey’, ‘change’ , that finger to lips sssh, that 5 pointed star erm pentagram is it? – simple language that the ‘masses’ can understand eh?

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