The Lawful Bank Is Making Progress Towards a Branch Structure

Lawful Bank Statement of Purpose

  • The Lawful Bank is the conduit to TAMS – The Alternative Monetary System, the data base for the Lawful Bank and the means to communicated transactions between members.
  • The Lawful Bank will operate its own monetary policies, will operate under its own constitution and will use its own currency unit called the sovereignty.
  • The Lawful Bank is established on the democratic principle that ‘the people’ have a right to choose... both who governs them and the monetary system that they use.
  • The Lawful Bank recognises that the present monetary system is a private cartel and a monopoly that acts contrary to the best interest of the people the structure of which is designed to defraud the people of the common wealth of their nation.
  • The Lawful Bank’s purpose is to provide its members (citizens of any nation) with an alternative and better medium of exchange – to allow the exchange of goods and services between members unencumbered by the restrictions and excessive costs imposed by the current private banking system.
  • The Lawful Bank proposes, on the back of successfully operating as an alternative medium of exchange, to bring into being its own liquidity (money) and to distribute this fairly and equitably to its members. It is envisaged that the new pool of wealth created by the Lawful Bank will bring about a new prosperous debt free economy that will eventually outflank the present economic system which is without question in a spiral of decline that cannot now be reversed…….

Lawful Bank

Lawful Bank

Very shortly there will be postcode meetings in order to establish the branch structures and more ….. updates as we have them.’

Head Office

Roger Hayes 1

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