Monsanto’s Biotech Corn Only Accounts For 1Percent Of the EU Corn Grow


GM = Gruesome Maize erm Man?

Despite Owen Paterson’s best efforts, we are told that Monsanto are not getting very far in the EU.  If only the Presstitutes at The Telegraph could be believed.  Where’s that stat I heard which suggested that most of our breakfast cereals are now made from GM grains?  I have noticed that corn flakes are now much reduced in size compared with a few years ago.

Anyhow Farm Terrace Allotments don’t have anything to do with GM seeds and THEIR corn is completely ORGANIC.  Further, the news at ‘The Terrace’ is that WBC are conducting a Reptile Survey there???  I would have thought it would be better to look in the Council offices or even in UK Parliament.  There might be a tail hidden in Richard Harrington’s ample trouser surround and certainly Dorothy Thornhill seems to speak with ‘forked tongue’.

Fairly soon FTAG are going to put on a fund-raiser at West Herts Sports and Social Club.  This is an excellent venue as it backs onto a wonderful cricket green.  FTAG are providing a buffet which will include examples of food created with allotment ingredients ie Smokey Bacon and Courgette Pasties, made with smoked bacon lardons, mascarpone and allotment grown courgettes, Hertfordshire Apple Bridies, Zeppole Italiana and Beetroot Chocolate Cake.  Not only that but there will be a live band to keep things ‘humming’.  Much like the Farm Terrace bees hum in their hives after harvesting all that organic nectar and pollen.


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