ConDems Trouser Half Million Quid From A Well Meaning Elderly Woman

What’s going on at Top Paddock then?  NLAT offers a link to the BBC looking at the trousering of half a million by the ConDems.  Oh Dear…

‘The coalition parties shared £520,000 bequeathed by Joan Edwards because it was understood her will said it should go to “whoever was in government”.

The Daily Mail says it has seen Ms Edwards’s will and reports that it made no reference to any political party.’

Independent calls it ‘bizarre’

The woman was duped into thinking that ‘whoever was in government’ would sit down and think really hard about how to make best use of the funds.  She didn’t imagine that the UK would ever be run by someone like Dishonest Dave who is desperate to bolster his coffers for 2015.

UPDATE:  I’ve been told by a ‘Bystander’ that the ConDems have given the quids back?

Steal off an Old Lady?  You bet we would if we thought we’d get away with it.

Stealing off an Old Lady

Attorney General Dominic Grieve, who is a Tory MP, has also been dragged into the extraordinary row after it emerged his office was approached by the solicitors handling the estate earlier this year.’–not-parties-8760778.html  Nice pic Courtesy The Independent.  Shows their soullessness nicely.

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