Boris Johnson Plans To Shut 268 Ticket Offices On London Underground

Ticket Office UGround

Ticket Office London Underground – soon to be axed by Bungling Bullingdon Bureaucrat Boris.

‘All 268 Tube ticket offices could be closed under plans to save millions of pounds, the Evening Standard has learned.

Ticket offices would be replaced by 20 plus “travel centres” at the larger stations such as Waterloo, Euston and King’s Cross.

Passengers wanting to buy tickets at other Tube or London Overground stations would have to use automatic machines instead.

This newspaper has seen a confidential TfL document which lists all 268 stations. It poses the question alongside each one are “ticket offices staying open?” By each station named it states the word “no”.’

GovWatch:  Knowing cost of everything and value of nothing braintype.  Psychopath.  Well in future travellers who are fit enough, might well take a running jump and leap the barriers like Jean Charles de Menezes but we all know how that turned out.

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