Protesting Fracking In West Sussex – The Battle For Balcombe

Cuadrilla In Sussex Yesterday.

Cuadrilla started in West Sussex 2 Aug 2013 at 11:15am.

They‘re just running roughshod over local concerns,” says Stephen White.

Hmmm heard ALL THAT before from the US amd Queensland farmers.

Andrew West, of Frack Off, said the paper proves once and for all that fracking causes earthquakes, especially if the industry is also pumping water into waste water injection wells.

He said the process can also contaminate water courses if the gas leaks into acquifers and damage the landscape.  If the UK builds enough wells to meet supplied for our homes it will mean 90,000 wells in the landscape over the next 40 years.’  Yeah and when your home is damaged, insurance won’t pay out.

Experience at Prees Hall Lancashire 2011 – ‘In April 2011, a tremor measuring 2.3 on the Richter scale was felt in the Lancashire seaside resort of Blackpool, followed by an event in May that measured 1.5 on the scale.’

Once again, it has to be the Community and the rest of us who can support this community, who need to take action against ‘vested interests’ that have no regard for how this will impact on the community or on the beautiful English countryside.  The debate about real alternative energy – and we’re not talking windfarms here – which can only be accessed by those with wealth – has never been had because the UK Government loves the tax revenue it gets from petrolium products and gas is easily measured and charged for and besides all the energy companies are privatised so why would they wish to change things and reduce profit??

FRACK OFF’S  ‘The Big Rig Revolt on December 1st’ Contact

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