The Good The Bad and The Ugly

25 October 2003

‘A British multi-millionaire who left the country under a cloud in the 1970s was investigated by Spanish police after he was accused of being a player in the latest bricks and politics scandal to hit the southern resort town of Marbella.

Judah Binstock is reported to be one of the largest landowners in Marbella, successfully buying up rural land and persuading the town hall to reclassify it as land which can be built on.’

July 2013 – ‘The Jewish millionaire Judah Binstock’s wife, Jossie, one of the biggest land owners in Marbella, and carpets shakes his ‘holy of holies’, ‘Magnolia House’, one of the villages which, along with the Kashogui Baraka is the place where parties were held most spectacular stained Singing City without an owner.’  /post/187  Translation needed possibly.



More succinct piece – ‘Binstock, who has large real estate interests in Marbella including the Villa La Magnolia in the Camino de la Cascada de Camoján, is reported to be wanted for questioning by the British police in connection to several financial frauds including the BCCI case.

Actually born in East Germany, he grew up in Moscow where is was a member of the Communist Party. He took up British nationality at the end of the sixties. He is thought to have a large income from several casinos. United States intelligence services link him to the Syrian magnateMonzer Al Kassar and Adnan Kashogui and arms sales of missiles to Iran and possible links to Al Qaeda.’  Well how about that then.

juda-y-esposa_in Paris

Juda y esposa in Paris 07/03/2011

In 2011 Binstock was ‘on the run’ in Paris.  Sure gets around!

“Judah Binstock está exiliado en París. La mano que meció la cuna en la moción de censura más mediática de España, la de Marbella, vive a la sombra de los puentes del Sena esperando a que amaine el temporal de la ‘Operación Malaya’, tal y como confirman las fotografías que hoy publicamos. Nada más destaparse la operación judicial, Binstock puso tierra por medio y se desvaneció de la Costa del Sol como un fantasma.”

Binstock also has a hide-out in Argentina.

23.12.16 – Binstock is alleged to have Died aged 88

”Binstock is said to have had close links with Juan Antonio Roca, and one of the former GIL councillors who was sentenced in the ‘Malaya case’, Carmen Revilla, claimed after being arrested that Binstock had funded the no-confidence motion which in 2003 removed Julián Muñoz as mayor after he fell out with Roca. ”

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1 Response to The Good The Bad and The Ugly

  1. seamusmu says:

    I have covered Binstock’s comprehensive deconstruction under interview by the British Gaming Board Binstock was one of the owners of the Victoria Sporting Club, Edgware Road, London. The club would have been denied a license in 1970 if Binstock had remained involved. A very intelligent career criminal who could have achieved great things if he had chosen an honest path and not an admittedly lucrative criminal path.

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