How To Deal With Bailiffs And Inflated Parking Charges

How to deal with Bailiffs

How to deal with Bailiffs.

UK Column 31 July 2013 had things to say about lots of issues but they also highlighted a couple of areas that could be of interest to quite a wide audience.  The first is the ‘growth of the Bailiff Industry’.  Comments on websites about how much money one can make being a Bailiff these days.  Gross.  On the Left are their rules for dealing with Bailiffs.

The second thing they highlighted is the way parking fines are now used to raise loads of money from the general public for someone and this is not always for the local authority but for private companies.  It’s that ‘ole contract thang’ again of course.  You might like to take a look at what they are saying.

David Attfield DM

David Attfield – Courtesy DM.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail has covered this by telling the story of a Barnet individual who got fed up with parking charges in his street and took the Council to court over it and won his case.

Barnet Council thought they could walk all over the residents when it came to imposing exorbitant parking charges but Mr Attfield soon showed them the door.  Mr Attfield is now taking calls from lots of other folk who are angry by this problem and are going to follow his footsteps through the courts.

Is Barnet Council Conservative?  Is the Pope Catholic?

Rich Cornelius Barnet Councillor

Rich Cornelius ‘Con’ Leader Barnet Council.

BarnetEye Blogspot has the backstory –

‘On Friday 3 May 2013 Councillor Brian Coleman pleaded guilty to the charge of common assault.  He apparently beat Helen Michael in the High Road in North Finchley.  Councillor Coleman was caught parking in a loading bay, trying to evade the hugely controversial parking payment scheme he had imposed on residents in this borough.’  I expect when Helen asked him what he thought he was doing, he hit her.  Typical Conservative?

GovWatch:  Someone buy David Attfield a drink.  Common down to ‘The Lamb’ David – you’re welcome anytime.

Another tactic – tell others

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