Farm Terrace Action Group Have Reached Out To Us For Help And Have Not Been Disappointed

Farm Terrace

Farm Terrace

From the strength of the comments, allotmenteers from around the UK are concerned for their situation and the General Public who don’t necessarily have an allotment are also onside because they see this land seizure as unlawful.  Either way there is an appetite for taking on the faceless bureaucrats who have become quite blase about decision-making without considering the greater good.  One person summed it up as ‘finally quashing this ‘price of everything value of nothing culture’ started in the Thatcher Era which has become rampant under Cameron.’

  • Comment: ‘Allotments are a bit like pubsa place for the local community to gather and share advice and news and fun and all the things we like to do – an importance that is hard to put a financial value on.’
  • Comment:  ‘Love our veggies but not Pickled.’
  • Comment:  ‘Good luck. Well done for taking up the fight and not accepting it lying down. May the forced rhubarb be with you !!XX’
  • Comment:  ‘I wholeheartedly support allotments. They are good for society in many ways – beneficial for health (getting out and exercising, providing home-grown food, better mental health from being out in fresh air and greenery, socializing with others & giving a purpose in life), good for the community (bringing people together), good for the environment (reducing food miles and making people understand what nature can do). They provide a soak-up area for water within built up areas (more and more needed with the concreting over of cities). They provide a shelter for wild life in built up areas, provision for the pollinators, and if they include hedges and trees they help purify the air. They are the way forward for the future; we should be expanding their numbers, not getting rid of them.’
  • Comment:  ‘Best of luck guys! Put Pickle in a pickle!’

BUT there’s still more to be done.  We have a good track record at the moment for ‘people power’ getting the better of Government Bureaucracy and of some unfair business practice.  In the US Ed Asner has waded in over the banking fiasco saying speculation has gone too far since the repeal of Glass Steagal Act in US.  Further,  Marcy Kaptur is pushing the ‘Return to Prudent Banking Act 2013’ and the ‘Financial Crisis Criminal Investigation Act’ as well.  Banks don’t want any of their people to go to jail but we want them to be put away for mis-selling financial products.  We are at last seeing some action in US.  In the UK we are having some success elsewhere as reported recently in the news.  UK Column 31 July 2013

Why not visit the GoFundMe Site and help us make sure that Eric Pickles doesn’t ‘get away with it’

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