Glorious Days of The Cunard Queens

Cunard Liners.

‘Biggest News Since The Holbeck’ shouted the headline from The Evening News.’

QE2 off Scarborough 16 Sep 2007

QE2 off Scarborough 16 Sept 2007.

The QE2 was seen off Scarborough 16 September 2007 on its final voyage.

‘Coming home by Captain Ian McNaught Captain of the QE2

Having worked for Cunard Line for many years it took me a lot of that time to persuade them that we should visit the North East on one of our cruises. That dream for me was realised when in 2007, we took QE2 on a cruise around the UK to celebrate her 40th birthday.


We left Southampton on September 15 to begin this voyage around our islands, and our first port of call was to be North Shields on the River Tyne. The morning of the 16th September found us closing in on Flamborough Head to begin our run up the east coast and enjoy the scenery, but our first job was to come into Scarborough Bay to pick up Sir Jimmy Saville. As we closed into the bay the winds and seas had already begun to increase but Sir Jimmy managed to clamber on board from the deck of a fishing boat, cigar clenched in his teeth throughout, and, having “Fixed it for Jim”, we went on our way up towards Whitby High. As the day progressed though, the weather was taking a turn for the worse, and by the time we’d passed the Tees and were off the piers at Sunderland, the skies were quite black, with strong gusting winds and heavy rain, not ideal conditions to take a large ship into the River Tyne, but ever the optimists, we pressed on for our appointed arrival time, two hours before high water that afternoon.’

‘All three Cunard Queens – Q Mary 2, Queen Victoria and QE2 met for the final time in Southampton in April, 2008.’

More Cunard News Savile tribute 1 August 2013?

June 16 2004

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