Ian Duncan Smith On ‘Comment Is Free’ – Not Cutting It Really

29 July 2013 – Poundland Case reaches Supreme Court


I’m proud of our welfare reforms

IDS £53 a Week

IDS – I’m proud – that bit is correct. ‘Pride cometh before a fall’.

‘Our Work Programme has launched and the industry tells us that so far 321,000 people have found a job through it.’


‘His distortion over the work programme has already been addressed; the head of the UK Statistics Authority, Andrew Dilnot CBE – wrote:

Both the PAC report and the related National Audit Office report focus on the fact that 3.6% of people referred to the Work Programme between June 2011 and July 2012 achieved sustained employment (normally of six months) by July 2012

….the figures show a 96.4% failure rate! Actually, to achieve 321,000 successes @ 3.6% success, 8,916,667 people would have to have passed thro’ the Work Programme ~ pull the other one!’  http://paulspicker.wordpress.com/2013/05/09/uk-statistics-authority-criticises-the-dwp/  Some wheeled out those contradictory stats with link to source.

Comment:  ‘Hark, ye bell tolls thrice…

…the owl doth hoot…

…the moon is bathed in blood-red fire…

…and a great evil has arisen.’

Others engaged literary skills to help them express their disgust.

NLAT and ‘The Flock’ watch and wait.  What was that Larrene?  Retrospective ruling from the same lot who said they couldn’t retrospectively prosecute or seek monies owed by wealthy tax dodgers and corporation tax avoiders.’

There is a gargantuan struggle between good and evil being played out in this country daily.  Sometimes the ‘goodies’ win.  Other times great evil prevails.

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