Glencore Xstata Shareholders Vote For Tony Hayward As Interim Chairman

Quoi?  The clue probably is Yea Nat ‘Boomi or Bust‘ Rothschild. to make a Vallares comeback  Oh Dear…..

17 May 2013 – ‘Hayward was not expected to return to such a high-profile role so soon due to the controversial end to his career with BP.  However, after large institutional investors voted prior to the AGM he handed control of the session to Hayward.’  Well now who could THAT be then?

Ivan Glasenberg owns 34% Xstrata –

Glencore’s senior executives and employees, who control 35.7 per cent of the enlarged company, opposed the current directors’ re-election en masse.

As for new directors,Glasenberg lacks directors with experience in mining, agriculture and the fast-growing economies of Asia, three critical areas for the group.’ so that’s where he will be looking.

‘Glencore CEO Ivan Glasenberg (South African based in Switzerland) – May 12 2011
and Rothschild (based Switzerland) are friends’
bought a $25m ($15m ) slug in Glencore’s debt issue in December 2009.’   – Telegraph.

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