Mark Miller Cuadrilla Frack Off

Mark Millar CEO Cuadrilla Weeton-Village-Hall

Mark Miller Cuadrilla CEO Weeton Village Hall.

15 March 2012 – Mr Miller hands out a £2,000 bribe in Weeton Village in 2012 before starting the fracking ‘enterprise’ in the area.

14 June 2013 – Centrica ‘pumps’ £160 Mill into Cuadrilla.

26 July 2013 – Cuadrilla delivers test rig to Balcombe Sussex.

The whole nation has been ‘looking the other way’ for 12 months.  Lynton Crosby represents the oil industry amongst many other entities.

Fracking in Balcombe

Fracking in Balcombe – Guardian wakes up to Fracking

27 July 2013 – ‘Two more campaigners have been arrested during protests by anti-fracking campaigners staging direct action at a village in West Sussex where 16 environmentalists were arrested yesterday.  The arrests were reported after the campaigners, both women, made an attempt to halt a truck entering the site in the village of Balcombe where fracking company Cuadrilla is to begin the hydraulic fracturing of rock, known as “fracking”.’

Balcombe wakes up to Fracking.

Balcombe wakes up to ‘Fracking’.

Ian Crane (Ex petroleum Executive) and Brian Gerrish at UK Column have been talking about this for a long time.  As usual, the Middle Classes are slow off the mark about this issue.

Balcombe where is it

Balcombe – Where is it?

Are the people in Balcombe going to face the kinds of issues that have been faced by those in the US after the ‘Deep Water Horizon’ escapade?  Now what happened to Tony ‘I want my life back’ Hayward then?  Well his wife left him according to DM and they should know.  Tony then shacked up with Rothschild at Mayfair based Genel Energy.  Lordy Lordy DM really!

Hayward and Wife

Hayward and wife (circled) at the US Enquiry – DM.

28 July 2013Ignore the Gloom Merchants Let’s Get Fracking – Boris in Telegraph –  Didn’t take HIM long.

Now let’s do the numbers.  What date did Deepwater Horizon go up again?  Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion on April 20, 2010 and 11 people killed.  Hmmm.

Any link between Genel Energy and Cuadrilla perchance?  Well is that so?  How interesting.

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