Jeremy Heywood Didn’t Minute Meetings With Blair Over Dr Kelly

Jeremy Heywood PPS

Jeremy Heywood PPS.

UK Column 24 July 2013.

LibDems promoting fraud via celebration of students taking out huge loans with Student Loans Company.

Malcolm Grant Lecturer in Law Chariman NHS England

Malcolm Grant Lecturer in Law is Chairman of NHS England.

NHS Privatising Agenda in Top Gear

Get loads of lawyers on board to ensure no mal-practice ‘issues’ aired when the NHS is totally privatised.

He is searching ‘the world’ for a ‘non medically qualified global exec’ to replace Nicholson the current Director of NHS.  GovWatch:  Write to your MP and say you are not happy.

Danny Dayem‘ a British Agent got caught making fake videos about the war in Syria for CNN consumption.  He also toured the US ‘raising funds’ apparently.  Funds for what exactly?  GovWatch called out AVAAZ some time back for their stunt with a goat.  They sure have expanded.  Now able to smuggle millions of pounds worth of comms equipment into the Middle East to provide ‘coverage’ of the various conflicts there.  Hmmm.

‘Danny’ actually making the vid

Info about The NSA Key from Pat Henningsen and much more.

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