Osborne Tries Some Conjuring But His Magic Circle Membership Seems To Have Lapsed

St James Park Westminster London SW1 08/07/13

St James Park Westminster 8 July 2013.  Cripes he’s fat as well as thick and plain.

‘George Osborne‘s latest attempt to kickstart the economy by underwriting a house-buying revival has been criticised by economists and campaigners, who warned that the scheme to

partially guarantee £130bn of low-deposit mortgages risks creating a new housing bubble.

The chancellor launched the second phase of the Help to Buy scheme in a meeting with mortgage lenders and housebuilders on Tuesday, laying out the terms of a programme that will underwrite home purchases worth up to £600,000.’  http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2013/jul/23/help-to-buy-mortgage-housing-bubble

‘Black and rubbery, it resembled a length of electrical tubing.’  Is this the answer to getting the economy going?  Never mind sitting down with the balance sheets.  Oh I forgot he doesn’t know what they are.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2372694/Jawbone-UP-high-tech-health-wrist-band-worn-George-Osborne-records-improve-fitness.html  Sure is a fad merchant.  What was the last thing?  Oh the Big Bucks Burger wasn’t it?  For Osborne, improvement – where do you start?

There’s no logging out on NLAT’s watch.  But But it’s quiz night at The Fishery.

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